Are you an indoor or outdoor wedding venue?

We can do both! We have space for an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception so that you can instill social distancing in a beautiful way. If weather interferes with your outdoor event, our super cute two-story venue can accommodate all the components of your wedding.

Do you allow alcohol on the property?

Yes. However, we do not sell alcohol. You will need to provide any alcoholic beverages yourself. We do have a policy that requires a licensed security guard if alcohol is present at your wedding or receptions, which we can help arrange for an extra fee.

What kind of amenities does the venue have?

You can find a list of all the amenities our Tyler, TX wedding venue offers right here.

How many people can we have at the wedding?

Our cute little venue can comfortably seat up to 200 wedding guests. There are plenty of parking spaces to accommodate your friends and family. We want to host your wedding reception too!

How large is your Wedding venue?

The entire two story venue is 4,700 square feet - heated and cooled. It's the perfect size to accomodate a small, medium or large wedding in Tyler, TX.

Do you assist with tasks like decorations among other provisions?

Kalico Creek Wedding Venue doesn’t provide wedding decorating materials, catering, or clean up services after the wedding. You will need to plan for those accommodations and if you need help finding staff for your event - ask for references and we will help you secure workers for your party. However, we are happy to provide and set up tables and chairs at no additional cost.

Give us a call if you have any additional questions about our wedding venue located in Tyler, TX near Whitehouse.

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